Meet Dillon

About Us

“We will anticipate needs & deliver on every commitment we make.”

Our History & Our Vision

Hall’s Handyman Construction success stems from a loving, honest, open, caring and hardworking family dedication, that has now bloomed into his own business endeavor with the same attr’butes.  Dillion grew up on Whidbey Island watching and participating in the growth of this community and wants to continue to help it grow.

Dillion Hall started his career and admiration for the construction business at a young age. At only 15 years old he began working with his father at Saunders & Sons, where he helped build and restore homes.

His drive and motivation for success made him want to do more, so at age 17 him and his brother decided to venture out and start their own company. They opened D&D Landscaping, while still helping their father. This company allowed him to learn and work on mowing, trimming, planting and all gardening necessities, as well as working as a team, skills he now uses.

Years later Dillion became a family man himself, and an opportunity that fit his busy daddy lifestyle as well as a great chance to build and work with custom made homes arose. This was a perfect learning advancement for his future business career and a great chance to learn new skills. Dillon started working for Donald Haggenes Construction where he gave his commitment and dedication for over 5 years.  Dillion gained insight and more drive for the construction industry.  He learned, perfected, and implemented many skills with Haggenes including; framing rebuilding, restoring, painting, roofing and more.

Eventually, his three beautiful girls got a little older and the time was perfect to venture back out on his own with his family’s support.  Today Halls Handyman Construction and his family are committed to loyalty, integrity, and reliability, traits he has carried with him sense he was a young boy.

Our vision

For communities to regard us as responsible, for us to be seen & known with the highest level of professionalism, affordable rates, reliability and good quality.

“We will anticipate needs & deliver on every commitment we make.”